FIT started out as a double entendre.

Rightsize training.
It works, you know?

It's also an acronym though, as you may have determined from the URL.


That statement, in and of itself, encapsulates what we're about in a number of ways. It's a criticism of the myopia we often face as L&D pros, and of the pace we frequently find ourselves in. In a previous life, we found ourselves struck by a constant focus on innovation, rather than maintenance; pushed to move on to the next big idea before mastering this one. The pace was relentless with little return. And, as that pace sped up, we found efficacy went down.

So, we decided to change things up.

We do business pretty calmly - as much as humanly possible.
We get work done on time, on budget, without setting hair on fire.
We stick to a few core areas that we've mastered, while carefully vetting and testing new ideas along the way.
We do good work, wherever and whenever possible.
We focus on that work, and not the stuff that often surrounds it.
Basically, we try to do good work, with a purpose, and have fun doing it.
Every day.

And if not, we'll fix it tomorrow.

If you find that 'tude enticing, let's chat!