All of the imagery on this site is inspired in some way or form, by our home, here in Florida.

Links and explanations can be found below.
Have some fun checking out our backyard.

    Sunset beach is a perfect beach. Open, accessible, a constant breeze, calm waters when you need them, and surf when you need that too. As far as civilized parts of Florida go, it's gotta be up there amongst the very best. Relax at Sunset!
    Mote Marine Laboratory is a Tampa-Bay-area aquarium focused on conservation and marine rescue. In addition to a spectacular aquarium, they contribute to research and education critical to protecting Florida's unique natural beauty. They also have a pretty spectacular group of jellyfish tanks... Dive deep at MOTE!
    Do you get to watch ROCKETS GO TO OUTER SPACE from ACROSS THE STATE where you live??!?!?
    We do. Lift off at Kennedy Space Center!
    Folks often associated Florida with flamingos. Truth is, they haven't really been around these parts much since the early 1900s. We do, however, have a fair number of Roseate Spoonbill , which could be contributing to some confusion. In 2015, several birds were spotted in Everglades National Park, having returned from the previous season. Let's cross our fingers for a re-introduction! Gaze with Audobon Society!
    The Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects St. Petersburg and Terra Ceia across Tampa Bay. The current bridge was dedicated in 1987, and replaces an earlier version that was partially destroyed in a well-known 1980 maritime collision. Portions of that original bridge were sunk into the bay during demolition, and the approached were turned into the longest fishing pier in the world, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. PIER at the Skyway! (apologies...)
    Edward Leedskalnin built an 1,100 ton limestone shrine to his lost 16-year old lover over the course of 28 years in Leisure City Florida. With a "perpetual motion holder." Florida! Explore the Coral Castle!
    Citrus is critical to Florida's economy. We've got oranges on our license plates. Not only are our citrus fruits delectable, they also have some pretty great health advantages, scurvy aside. Unfortunately, in ~2005, citrus greening was caught in the state, and has had some pretty serious effects on yields since. If you like your OJ in the morning - especially if you like it not costing an extra mortgage - click the link and learn a bit more. Check out the Orange Situation!
    St Petersburg Florida is the Guiness World Record holder for most consecutive days of sunshine; we average ~361 days/year of sun! Add that to a vibrant arts scene, abundant natural beauty, and a relatively low cost of living, and you have a recipe for awesome. Unless you're looking to relocate. In which case, it's terrible. Don't come. Horrible here. Visit the place we call home!
  9. UFOs:
    Gulf Breeze Florida has become a mecca for UFO sightings - even having a local, "pet" UFO named Bubba. One of us may, or may not, have had an experience with Bubba as a child. View some weird Florida!
    Here's a UFO-shaped house from adjacent Pensacola Beach...
  10. the SKUNK APE:
    Florida is home to the southernmost Bigfoot in the US - the Skunk Ape. If you want to learn about, buy merchandise dedicated to, or hunt the Skunk Ape, check out the link. Or swing by. It's a hoot. And in the Everglades. Get Squatchin'!